Canada's Only Upright MRI

The Welcome Back Pain Management & Upright MRI Centre located in Kamloops, British Columbia is home to the first and only upright MRI in all of Canada.

There are many benefits of an upright MRI, but our patients tell us they prefer the comfort of being able to sit or stand and watch T.V., instead of being inserted into the traditional tube-like MRI machine.

For us, having the patient sit, stand or bend in the position that gives them pain helps us to better diagnose where their pain may be coming from, and in turn, provide a better treatment plan.

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MRI In Any Position

Our state-of-the-art Magnetic Resonance Imaging's (MRI) open design allows people to sit, stand, bend or lay down so images can be taken in the position that causes pain.

Superior Technology

Critical diagnostic information can be missed with traditional MRI machines, which only takes images of the patient lying down. Many patients get relief of their pain symptoms when lying down, so our upright, weight bearing MRI provides more accurate information leading to better treatment planning.

Patient Comfort & Safety

Traditional MRIs send patients head first down a confined, noisy tunnel. With our MRI, patients walk right in to the open machine and can even watch television in a quiet environment while the scan is being done. Patients are not exposed to any radiation with an MRI, unlike x-rays or CT scans.

Fast Service

MRI scans at the Welcome Back Pain Management & Upright MRI Centre can be arranged within a matter of days and results can be provided in as little as 24 hours.

An Affordable Option

Many think that MRI scans are thousands of dollars. We offer patients MRI scans for as little as $995 and up. Please contact us and we will give you an estimated cost based on the part of your body needing a scan.