Welcome Back MRI Services

The Welcome Back Upright MRI & Pain Management Centre’s services are geared toward helping you ease the pain in your life, and where possible, to live pain free again. Please call our Program Coordinator who will guide you through the process. We provide individualized services and our Program Coordinator will listen to your history and provide you options with regard to our services.


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A List of Our Services Include:

Specialist Physician consults (neurosurgery, orthopaedic surgery, pain management), Upright MRI, Diagnostic/therapeutic procedures (nerve root blocks, facet joint blocks, epidural blocks, sacroiliac joint blocks, sympathetic blocks), Facet joint rhizotomies, Prolotherapy, Botox injections (for pain), Physiotherapy, Massage therapy, Laser therapy, Acupuncture, Restorative yoga, Nutritional consultation, and Clinical Counsellor/Psychology.

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Upright MRI

Our state-of-the-art Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine is the first of its kind in Canada. Its open design allows people to sit, stand, bend or lay down so images can be taken in the position that causes pain.

An upright MRI scan starts at $995/body part and in some cases, walk in appointments can be facilitated.

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Our consultations with patients are imperative at the Welcome Back Pain Management & Upright MRI Centre Through consultation and taking the time to listen to our patients, we can start to understand their specific issues with pain and bring this information to a team of healthcare professionals to develop a personalized plan to manage and alleviate pain.

The initial intake consultation is complimentary and can be arranged by contacting Linda Stone, our Program Coordinator, or by calling 250.828.6740 (local) or 1.866.759.2674 (toll free in North America).

Procedures & Injections

Many times surgery is not the answer for our patients and we offer them services such as injections. These include:

Nerve Blocks: often a group of nerves can cause pain to a specific body area and can be blocked through the injection of medication. The injection of this nerve-numbing substance is called a nerve block.

Rhizotomy: this procedure selectively destroys problematic nerve routes in the spinal cord and other joints, most often to relieve pain.

Group Programs

Post-Op Hip/Knee Rehabilitation Programs
Our 6 week group program is developed to meet your individual needs and abilities. This can include dry land therapy and aqua therapy to increase mobility and strength which helps speed up recovery time and builds muscle strength for regaining range of motion in the knee and/or hip.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an effective evidence based non-surgical, drug-free modality for body health, function and well-being. At Welcome Back Pain Management & Upright MRI Centre, our massage therapist has extensive education and is a certified practitioner of Myofascial Release (MFR), Fascial Fitness and Fascial Taping. These techniques are incorporated into treatments that also include Muscle Energy Techniques (MET); joint mobilizations; End Range Loading (nerve traction); Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and individual therapeutic or rehabilitative exercises.


Physiotherapy involves a detailed assessment on the first visit and initiation of treatment after discussion and consent with the client. Physiotherapists are a primary care providers so do not need a doctor's referral. We assess movement and function with a wide variety of movement disorders, pain syndromes which may be caused from an injury, surgery, disease. We work with clients of all ages, whether it is an acute injury or managing a chronic condition a physiotherapist can help. Treatment can include a personal exercise program to improve your strength, range of motion and function, joint mobilization to reduce pain and stiffness, modalities such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, laser to speed up healing, functional retraining and return to work planning. We will also make recommendations and referral for other complementary treatment such as pool therapy, braces, massage. Physiotherapy is anchored in movement sciences and aims to enhance or restore function of multiple body systems.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a drug-free, non-invasive modality used to treat pain and inflammation associated with both acute and chronic conditions including acute and sport injuries, tendonitis, back pain, muscle sprains, arthritis and bursitis, and ligament strains. Through the use of light energy, both the cellular activity and microcirculation of damaged cells are increased, permanently promoting and enhancing tissue healing.