Independent Medical Examinations

An Independent Medical Examination, or IME, occurs when a physician or healthcare provider, not previously involved in providing healthcare services to a patient, does an examination of the individual. Typically, IMEs are done to determine the cause, extent and medical treatment of a workplace or vehicular accident related injury.

Dr. Richard Brownlee does all of the IMEs for the Welcome Back Pain Management & Upright MRI Centre and can complete them in 45 days or less, with special exceptions made for urgent cases.
  • Expert neurosurgery assessments
  • Unbiased examination
  • Thorough medical-legal report
  • Prompt, professional service

In a court case, we’re mindful that an unbiased, comprehensive IME helps expedite a fair settlement. We’re also sensitive to the reluctance some patients feel about participating in this examination. Justice is not served if a plaintiff is encouraged to seek unrealistic compensation or defence denies legitimate claims. We’re experienced in doing objective examinations and producing meticulous, expedited reports which have helped parties reach equitable settlements and avoid lengthy litigation.

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