Return to a normal daily life

Our Multi-Disciplinary Team creates a personalized program designed to address the cause, not just the symptoms, of each unique pain condition. The program is designed for patients suffering from pain who wish to return to normal daily life, including recreational and work activities.

The goals of a treatment program are to:
  • manage pain
  • regain pre-injury function
  • progressively improve function without fear of re-injury
  • educate how to maintain health and prevent future injury

Pain Education

Pain education provides strategies to help you cope with pain during your recovery. Pain is common when starting a new recovery program and is not a sign of ongoing injury. Understanding the nature of pain and why pain is present is used to guide you in the exercise program to make progressive gains and minimize setbacks that can delay recovery.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a drug-free, non-invasive modality used to treat pain and inflammation associated with both acute and chronic conditions including acute and sport injuries, tendonitis, back pain, muscle sprains, arthritis and bursitis, and ligament strains. Through the use of light energy, both the cellular activity and microcirculation of damaged cells are increased, permanently promoting and enhancing tissue healing.

Core Stability Programs

Core stability is an important starting point for most exercise programs. Strengthening core abdominal muscles and deep back muscles correctly will help protect the body and improve posture both during exercise and normal daily activities.

Stretching Programs

Stretching muscles helps prevent tightness that can occur as the body reacts to new activities. A stretching program can help restore your body’s pre-injury range of movements to improve pain and flexibility. Restoring range of movement can also help prevent re-injury.

Specific Rehabilitation Programs

Specific injury rehabilitation is a progressive strengthening program to retrain muscles that become weak because of pain and inactivity following an injury. You will learn proper techniques for exercise, ergonomics for work or play and a realistic progression of activity to restore normal function.

Post-Op Hip/Knee Rehabilitation Programs

Our 6 week group program is developed to meet your individual needs and abilities. This can include dry land therapy and aqua therapy to increase mobility and strength which helps speed up recovery time and builds muscle strength for regaining range or motion in the knee and/or hip.

Attention to Body and Mind

The treatment programs use pool therapy, low impact cardiovascular exercises, ball therapy and other techniques to suit individual needs. The biomechanical programs incorporate physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage therapy in a 12 week program. This is performed together with professional support services focusing on the emotional and psychological factors that can be a barrier to recovery and strategies to overcome them.