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A treatment program based on you

The Welcome Back Pain Management & Upright MRI Centre is a private pain management facility located in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. We support a prompt and multi-disciplinary approach to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of both acute and chronic pain. We have the only stand-up MRI machine in Canada and a team of specialists in neurosurgery and pain management. We want to ease your pain and help welcome back the joy in your life.

We know that every patient’s needs and experiences with pain are different which is why we work as a team to develop a treatment program based on your individual assessment. Through ongoing management and working with you, we modify programs as results are experienced. We can help ease your pain with the goal of getting you on the road to pain free living. We never stop looking out for our patients and educate them on opportunities for continued advancement, group sessions and self-care.

Our team is fortunate to work with the highest quality technology available and with a great healthcare team interested in your wellbeing. We look forward to meeting with you.